Van Bender: Content Guide

The purpose of this content guide is to give you an idea for what you might expect to encounter while reading the Van Bender Archives. The “General Content” does not contain spoilers, although the other sections may.

General Content
Van Bender is designed for most audiences. There are some situations of peril, some death threats, and quite a bit of action. One person is killed, but it is not “seen.” The book is meant to be suitable for children age 8 and up, while still being entertaining to all ages. I would be willing to read these books to just about any aged child.

There are some fist fights and magical violence.  It is relatively tame, although there are frequent situations of peril. There are magical battles, spirits, magical swords, and magical firearms. Characters lives, limbs, and minds are frequently in danger.

Some tame cursing, but few–if any–swear words. Some name calling. Pretty tame stuff.

Sex, sensuality, nudity
There is some kissing of teenagers. And Richie’s mom talks with him about not having a girlfriend because of what it might lead to.

Alcohol, drugs, smoking
There is some talk of drugs, but they are always cast in a negative light.