Keep Mama Dead: Content Guide

The purpose of this content guide is to give you an idea for what you might expect to encounter while reading Keep Mama Dead. The “General Content” does not contain spoilers, although the other sections may.

General Content
The content in general is probably suitable for most readers age 12+. Themes and complexity of the story will be most appealing to older teenagers and adults. If this were a movie, it could probably be filmed as PG or PG-13.

Overall, violence is relatively mild for the fantasy genre.

There is some zombie violence in the book, in which zombies attack, are attacked, and are disposed of in various manners. There are also several fist fights. There is some aiming and firing of guns at people. One character commits an act of arson. A dead body is carted around.

Language is tame in this book. Very little, if any, objectionable language.

Sex, Sensuality, and Nudity
One character thinks in general terms about sex, and another talks about it generally. A teenage girl tries to get a boy to roll in the hay with her, but how far she may or may not want to take it is always in question. There is some talk of an illegitimate child. A man and woman kiss passionately. No nudity.

Alcohol, drugs, and smoking
None. I don’t think it’s even mentioned or thought of once.