The Demigod Proving: Content Guide

The purpose of this content guide is to give you an idea for what you might expect to encounter while reading The Demigod Proving. The “General Content” does not contain spoilers, although the other sections may.

General Content
The content in general is probably suitable for most readers age 15+ or 16+. Themes and complexity of the story will be most appealing to older teenagers and adults. If this were a movie, it could be filmed as PG-13 if violence were implied rather than shown. However, if the violence was shown as described in the book, it would be a hard R.

Overall, violence is relatively standard for the fantasy genre. Those not familiar with the genre may find some of the violence disturbing, but anyone having read a fair amount in the fantasy genre will not find it unusual.

Violence toward small children, older children, and pregnant women is spoken of in mostly general terms, often as memories, with a few details. Heads of adults are twisted off by a giant. A dragon-like creature attacks and kills. Smaller flying lizard creatures attack. There is a torture scene with some stark details. There is swordplay, fantasy action, and subsequent carnage throughout the book. There is a scene where a human is sacrificed willingly, and other sacrifices are discussed. Undead humans fight often, and are often beheaded or dismembered. A battalion of soldiers kills other soldiers and their civilian families; most of this takes place in the background of another intense scene. A husband is irate with and abuses his wife. A man is poisoned and dies. A father chases his teenage son with intent to kill.

Language is tame in this book. Very little, if any, objectionable language.

Sex, Sensuality, and Nudity
There is general talk of a character having a large number of babies and performing the necessary “duties.” One teenage girl is repeatedly drawn to a teenage boy in a sensual manner. They kiss several times, and it is sensual. Once, the boy does not have a shirt on. No other nudity, although the teenage girl refers to her breasts several times in thought and once in conversation with a non-human. A woman’s past sex life is discussed in general terms.

Alcohol, drugs, and smoking
None. I don’t think it’s even mentioned or thought of once.