Here’s the deal.

I like stories. Feel-good stories. You know the way you feel after a great movie? I love that feeling. That’s the way I want to make people feel.

I’ve wanted it for years. Ever since I was a teenager and reading books. I’ll never forget when, near the end of Robert Jordan‘s The Great Hunt, I actually cheered. Out loud. I don’t know if I’ve ever done that, at any other point. But I thought, “The way I feel at the end of that book–that’s the feeling I want to help other people have.”

So, I wrote some books. Yeah, before I finished high school I wrote two of them. Wrote half of another and abandoned it. Wrote another the next year.

I put the books down for a few years to perform some service in Santa Catarina, Brazil, but when I got back I picked the writing up again. I re-wrote one of my books. I’ll tell you what, that’s quite an exercise. I think I made the book better, but I don’t know. I haven’t read it in ten years or more.

Because life happened. You know? School, family, career. Stuff like that. Or so I said. In the end, I really had just made choices to do something else. The dream, as it was, faded.

And then a few years back, I started writing again. I decided to put the video games down and get back on working toward what I’ve always wanted to do. I started by writing some serial fiction online, based around the Guild Wars PC game. That gave me confidence. A visit to Life, the Universe, and Everything, give me a push, and I started writing books again.

That has led me here. Three and half years later. I’ve written six books in this stretch. Last year I self-published two of them on the Kindle Direct platform: The Demigod Proving (book 1 of the World Quake Cycle), and Keep Mama Dead.

I’m currently working on a middle-grade/young-adult trilogy. I hope to release all three books simultaneously in the summer. I’m also working on book two of the World Quake Cycle.

What else about me? I work in credit unions. If you have money–any money–I recommend that you find a good credit union. If you want a loan–any loan–I recommend that you find a good credit union.

I live in rural Utah. Well . . . in a bedroom community for Salt Lake City. I love it here. I can’t imagine living in the big city ever again.

I’ve got a wife. A really fabulous one. The girl of my dreams.

And three kids. Monkeys. All of them. Little goofy monkeys that make me happy every day.