Life-changing experience this week

About 10 days ago I went camping with the boy’s scout troop. We had a head lamp for light in the night, and I was disappointed with its performance—especially since it was new last summer. I attributed it to the boy destroying it.

So, on Monday I hit the last day of the REI Anniversary sale and picked up a new headlamp for myself. This one is a nice one. For me. No one else will be using it.

I took great pleasure in shining it in my wife’s and kids’ eyes, and even greater pleasure in comparing and contrasting this fancy new head lamp with the crappy old one.

At some point someone had the idea to swap out the batteries. It was probably my wife. She’s smart like that. So I took out the new Energizer batteries from the new headlamp, and put in the Heavy Duty batteries from the old head lamp. And put the Energizer batteries in the old head lamp.

Much to my dismay, suddenly my fancy schmancy new headlamp is not as bright, and the crappy old headlamp is much brighter.

Yes, this is life-changing.

I always thought the talk of different batteries being better than others was marketing hype. Turns out I was wrong.  It’s okay, i can admit it when I’m wrong.

Like having a baby, this changes everything. I have a feeling I’ll be spending more money on batteries from now on.