Trilogy about done

I originally planned to release the Van Bender trilogy before the end of 2011. I knew that was an aggressive deadline for myself, and so wasn’t too upset when the day went back a month. But then it slipped another month. Then another. Now I’m looking at the start of summer. Despite the problems, I’m glad that I’m writing all three and releasing them all at once.

Here is the biggest problem: I get along writing something and it’s awesome, but doesn’t necessarily fit with what’s been written in the past. So, I end up having to go back and change things in prior books in order to make it all gel.  This is not a problem you have when you write a book, then release it before writing the next book. In that scenario, you’re stuck with what you’ve already done, and your new stuff has to match it.

In this “write everything first then release” scenario, you end up having more work to do as you fix everything multiple times, but I think in the end the entire experience is more satisfying.

At least, I hope it is. Because, man, this is a lot of work.


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