Ode to milk and cookies.

Today I ate some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Baked by my wife. She has a special talent for baking cookies. It’s something else.

As I stood there, leaning against the counter, just relishing it. I thought, “What is it that makes milk and cookies so fantastic?”

Well, I’ll tell you.

A warm cookie, fresh out of the oven, dissolving in my mouth. Sugary. Chocolately. A little of the crunch of baked oats, and the flavor that can only be described as “oatey.” Even a single bite brings thirst.

So I get a glass of milk. And how it washes over my tongue with chilling goodness is the perfect way to eliminate that thirst, the flavor of that cookie. One swallow. Two. Three, and I’m ready  to get thirsty again.

Wow. I just love milk and cookies. It may be my new favorite food.


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