Good place for ideas and names: your genealogy

Just browsing through some genealogy today as I listen to the video I recorded last night for John Brown and Larry Correia. I have a lot of ancestors from Switzerland. One has the name of Baltazar Yoder. Born in 1524. Here are some other fun names:

  • Hans Abersold, born 1564
  • Ulrich Frankhauser, born 1540
  • Magdalena Rufenacht Moser, born 1535
  • Ludwig Schlappach, born 1540
  • Claus (Nicklaus) Reinhard, born 1555
  • Sir Knight Henry of Greene, born 1352

That last one seems suspect. There’s a point on the family line where the last names don’t match, and where they go from England to Switzerland. So, someday I’ll have to research that one. It could be right, but I’m skeptical because I’ve found other things where a father had a birth date after his son.

But it could be interesting. Maybe ideas for stories, there. How did someone end up traveling from England to Switzerland in the 1600s? Why would you do that?

I do know of some crazy stuff on my maternal grandmother’s side that could easily be written into some amazing stories. I had some ancestors who went to India to get their husband and father, only to find that he’d died from the plague while they were traveling, and then one of the sons who got off the boat to find him had to go home to England via the land since they wouldn’t let him back on the boat.

Family history seems like a place rich for ideas.


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